Einstein’s Theory of Infidelity

The Hebrew University this week released a treasure-trove of letters written by Albert Einstein between 1912 and 1955, the year of the physicist’s death. The correspondence shows that in addition to his knack for unlocking the secrets of the universe, Einstein was also a supremely prolific philanderer. Remarkable also is the candor with which he discussed his extramarital dalliances with his second wife, Elsa, and her daughter, Margot. “It is true that M. [Einstein mistress Ethel Michanowski] followed me to [England],” Einstein wrote in a 1931 letter to his stepdaughter, “and her chasing after me is getting out of control.”

Margot’s will stipulated that the university was to keep the correspondence sealed until the 20th anniversary of her death, July 8, 2006.

Einstein’s Theory of Infidelity


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Einstein’s Theory of Infidelity

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