Jews’ Cruise

Last week, former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey released “The Confession,” a memoir of his life in politics and of the romantic relationship he had with Golan Cipel, his Israeli-born homeland security adviser. Cipel, however, has maintained that he himself is straight, that McGreevey sexually harassed him and that the new book is a “pack of lies.”

Either way, one of the book’s more interesting revelations is that McGreevey’s life as a gay man has long had a Jewish connection: As a law student in Washington, D.C., he would enjoy regular trysts in the garden outside the city’s Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. “Every night, rain or shine,” he writes, “this hidden pocket of Washington filled with men just like me — almost all of them wearing business suits and, on most of their left hands, proof that they’d made the same compromises I had. We were the power brokers and backroom operatives and future leaders of America. We just happened to be gay.”

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Jews’ Cruise

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