Hey Rush, Who You Calling Hollywood Liberal?

Like many of his fellow conservative pundits, Rush Limbaugh has accused critics of the Iraq War of trafficking in antisemitism when they toss around the term “neocon.”

“It just means Jews, Republican Jews,” Limbaugh said in one broadcast last year.

And what about that favorite conservative boogeyman — “The Hollywood Liberal”? Well, say what you want about Rush, but you can’t accuse him of speaking in code.

In his May 10 broadcast, the conservative radio warrior argued that Democrats, anti-war activists or “some liberal Hollywood Jewish people” could have written the 18-page anti-American anti-Israel manifesto recently sent by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush.

“I’ve run into so many liberal Jews around the country that are pro-Palestinian,” Limbaugh said, according to a transcript provide by the liberal Web site MediaMatters.org. “And I’ve never understood it, and they’ve kind of given me indications: ‘Well, it’s just not fair; they’re just a minority, and the U.N. gave these people a country, and they pushed these other people out.’ It’s all… it’s white guilt. And it even is relevant in the Israeli-Palestinian issue when you have — how do you explain The New York Times constantly editorializing against Israel?”


Hey Rush, Who You Calling Hollywood Liberal?

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Hey Rush, Who You Calling Hollywood Liberal?

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