Late Night Quiz for Carter

Can anyone blame former President Jimmy Carter for believing that the American media harbor a stifling pro-Israel bias? First his book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” (Simon & Schuster), was trashed in the pages of The Washington Post by journalist Jeffrey Goldberg and on by Michael Kinsley, as well as by other pundits. Then Carter couldn’t even catch a break during his December 11 appearance on “The Tonight Show”: When the former president argued that the main impediment to Middle East peace is Israel, host Jay Leno, known more for one-liners than foreign-policy rebuttals, expressed skepticism.

“But when Israel gives something back, it doesn’t seem like they get anything for it,” Leno said. “It seems like it just moves some angry people closer to them.”

This story "Late Night Quiz for Carter" was written by Forward Staff.


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Late Night Quiz for Carter

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