5 Things To Know About Once And (Maybe) Future Trump Aide Sam Nunberg

‘Go to the mattresses,” a line from “The Godfather” about turning to mercenaries during times of war, has reportedly become a favorite refrain for those close to Donald Trump.

In that vein, the president, reeling from an escalating Russia investigation that has roped in some of his closest advisers, is considering bringing back several campaign aides. According to The Washington Post, one of the former Trump players “being courted to play [a] more active role” is Sam Nunberg.

Here are five facts to know about the New York native:

1) He was one of Trump’s first political consultants.

Nunberg assisted the real estate magnate during his 2011 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a large annual gathering of right-wing activists. As CNN put it, the speech “marked the start of Trump’s serious and aggressive foray” into Republican politics.

2) Trump has already hired and fired him… three separate times.

Nunberg and Trump have what could generously be described as an on-again, off-again relationship. The first time Trump fired Nunberg, it was over an unfavorable BuzzFeed profile.

3) The last time Nunberg was fired, it was for a series of racist Facebook posts.

In one of them, he referred to Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter as a “N- - -.” Nunberg has since apologized to Sharpton.

4) Trump sued Nunberg for $10 million last summer.

The GOP candidate alleged that his ex-staffer breached a confidentiality agreement. The lawsuit was “amicably” settled.

5) Since then, Nunberg has earned a reputation as a “reporter whisperer.”

Nunberg’s full-time job seems to be talking to the press about Trump. In May alone, his name has popped up in articles by The Washington Post, Politico, HuffPost, The Hill, NY Magazine, GQ and more, usually helping to explain Trump’s thoughts or work process.


Jeffrey Boxer

Jeffrey Boxer

Jeffrey Boxer is the Social Media Editor at the Forward. Contact him at boxer@forward.com, or follow him on Twitter @jeffboxer.

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5 Things To Know About Once And (Maybe) Future Trump Aide Sam Nunberg

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