We’re the Source For Jewish News You Can Trust by the Forward

We’re the Source For Jewish News You Can Trust

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Are “fake news” hoaxes worrying you as much as they are me?

Real journalism matters – now more than ever. That’s why I’m writing about your support for the Forward.

By donating today, you can raise your voice for values we’ve championed since 1897 – a passion for truth and a commitment to facts, backed by fearless reporting and restless curiosity.

In a post-Trump world, where reality itself is being questioned by web sites with murky agendas, the Forward’s journalists are doubling down on their dedication to bringing you news that matters through a Jewish lens. Your donation powers their work.

Your support also fuels the Forward’s smart opinion-writing, clear-eyed analysis, must-read culture coverage, and groundbreaking new initiatives like Scribe, our national contributors’ network.

As this surreal year draws to a close, think about the kind of news reporting you want to see in 2017. And thank you for giving generously to keep the Forward’s brand of award-winning, independent, thoughtful journalism strong.

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We’re the Source For Jewish News You Can Trust

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