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5 Trump Tweets That Make More Sense With #Covfefe

Covfefe: innocuous typo by an overworked president after a long day potentially dooming the planet to cataclysmic climate change? A code word to let the Russians know that “despite the constant negative press,” they’re still his boo? Or is it one of those Yiddish words your grandmother always threw out at the end of sentences without a clear explanation of what it means?

Al Franken believes it might be something like the latter.

Responding to President Trump’s incomplete tweet past midnight that simply said “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Minnesota Senator Al Franken joked, “‘Covfefe’ is a Yiddish term for ‘I gotta go to bed now.’”

Which got us thinking: What Trump tweets would make a lot more sense if we simply added #covfefe, as defined by Franken, at the end? Preliminary results suggest these tweets might, in fact, just be the Yiddish ramblings of a septuagenarian making big boy decisions past his bed time.

1. October 22, 2015: “The young intern who accidentally did a Retweet apologizes.” #covfefe

Original meaning of tweet: “I retweeted something bad, but blame the intern.”

New meaning with covfefe added : “I didn’t ‘do’ that retweet! My hair was resting in its hyperbaric chamber at the time.”

2. March 19, 2013: “I don’t like seeing the Pope standing at the checkout counter (front desk) of a hotel in order to pay his bill. It’s not Pope-like!” #covfefe

Original meaning: The Pope doesn’t need to pay his bills (?)

New meaning with covfefe added: “Why has The Pope kept me waiting at concierge past my bedtime? It’s not Don-like to pay your bills!

3. June 29, 2013: “What my father really gave me is a good (great) brain, motivation and the benefit of his experience-unlike the haters and losers (lazy!).” #covfefe

Original meaning: “I’m smart! Haters are dumb!”

New meaning with covfefe added: “I’m smart! Haters are dumb! Okay, that’s enough thinking for today.”

4. March 10, 2013: “Re my hair-Should I change it? What do you think?” #covfefe

New meaning with covfefe added: “These are the dire questions that kept me up at night four years ago.”

5. November 6, 2012: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” #covfefe

New meaning with covfefe added: “I’m gonna be dead by the time New Orleans sinks, so whatevs.”

Steven Davidson is an editorial fellow at The Forward.

This story "5 Trump Tweets That Make More Sense With #Covfefe" was written by Steven Davidson.

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5 Trump Tweets That Make More Sense With #Covfefe

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