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The 'Feed Me Bubbe' Book: Behind the Scenes at the Photoshoot

Avrom Honig is the co-author, with his bubbe, of “Feed Me Bubbe” — originally a hit YouTube series, and now a book. His posts are being featured this week on The Arty Semite courtesy of the Jewish Book Council and My Jewish Learning’s Author Blog Series. For more information on the series, please visit:

Greetings, everyone! Let me first introduce myself: My name is Avrom, and I am co-author of an exciting new book based on a hit online and televised cooking show entitled “Feed Me Bubbe.” On the show, my bubbe works on making her family favorite dishes. (By the way, if you don’t know, bubbe is the Yiddish word for “Grandmother.”)

When we first started out, I was just trying to make my mark on Hollywood, trying to find a job. As any good applicant knows, having a demo reel is the key to success. After having a family discussion, we finally decided that what would make the most sense is for me to take a camera and film Bubbe making her favorite food at home.

Well the response was incredible and before you know it we were finding ourselves working on a book. To make everything even more exciting we had been told that Essdras M. Suarez would be our photographer. Essdras is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. (Go to where you can see some of his other incredible projects.)

It was quite an unusual experience to see my bubbe being treated as a model during the entire photoshoot. If you could only have seen it for yourself! Well, actually, you can. Being a video technology enthusiast, I decided that over these next few blog posts we will include some special videos made just for you. You may even see some special guests along the way — so stay tuned for blogs and videos!

Watch Avrom Honig and his bubbe behind the scenes at the photo shoot:

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Avrom Honig and Bubbe’s new book, “Feed Me Bubbe,” is now available.

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The 'Feed Me Bubbe' Book: Behind the Scenes at the Photoshoot

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