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You’re Welcome, Anti-Semites: Here Are Some More (((Jews))) For You

The Internet reverberated yesterday with details about how, exactly, neo-Nazis identify and target Jews on social media and online. By placing an “echo,” a symbol consisting of three parentheses around a (((Jewish-sounding name))), white supremacists and anti-Semites — many of them self-identified Trump supporters — signal to each other who is (((Jewish))) and band together to harass, intimidate and flood their social media accounts with Holocaust and anti-Semitic imagery.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son in law, was even listed on a database of Jewish individuals to target. The list, though alarming, is not quite complete, so we thought we could help out the anti-Semites by sending out echoes of our own:

(((Mel Brooks))) killed it as Adolf Hitler in “The Producers.”

(((Jesus of Nazareth))), a (((Jew))) who preached love and peace.

(((Woody Allen))) was a “real” Jew in “Annie Hall.”

(((Moses))), the original Nice (((Jewish))) boy.

The (((Statue of Liberty))), stands for no one faith but for American values of tolerance and openness.

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You’re Welcome, Anti-Semites: Here Are Some More (((Jews))) For You

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