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Amy Schumer Gets Trolled By Redditors, Sells Thousands of Books Anyway

A small army of Redditors has been steadily trying to destroy the Amazon ratings of Amy Schumer’s new book of essays, “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”, reported

Devotees of “Opie and Anthony,” a now-defunct radio show known for its racist host (who was also arrested for allegedly strangling a woman), plotted to fill the book’s Amazon page with bogus 1-star reviews, which currently make up about 60% of the reviews for the book. Most of the comments are benign, dryly stating the dryness of Schumer’s book — most likely so as to avoid deletion for saying something hateful or anti-feminist.

Some of the comments, however, are pretty hateful, saying things like “Lena Dunham is fat” or “Maybe Tumblr fatties will have your back next time.” A few misquote the book outright, accusing Schumer of overt racism.

This organized effort by a bunch of internet trolls has clearly done nothing to stop people from buying Schumer’s book: she’s got the number 2 spot on Amazon for all books, (just behind “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) and she’s first place in the Satire and Humor section.

Yesterday Schumer was at a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan to sign some books, where she was pretty excited, if her Instagram post is any indication.

Thanks @barnesandnoble for having me and letting me be an asshole #thegirlwiththelowerbacktattoo

Una foto publicada por @amyschumer el

But the “Inside Amy Schumer” star almost got shut down by some real-life trolls: Several animal activists tried to shut down the event, shouting, “Fur trade, death trade!”

After security escorted the activists out, Schumer took to the mic to explain what they were yelling about.

“So I get sent some free shit, which I wear because I don’t know how to dress myself. I got sent a Canada Goose jacket and then I wore it and then I read that they tortured coyotes or whatever,” she said. “So I said, ‘I’m going to stop wearing that,’ and I did.”


“But now I think I’m going to start again.”

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Amy Schumer Gets Trolled By Redditors, Sells Thousands of Books Anyway

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