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WATCH: Carrie Fisher Shines In The Last Role She Ever Filmed

It’s fitting that the last role Carrie Fisher ever filmed features her airing her opinions on mental illness, offending someone, and being so enchanting that we miss her before she’s even gone from the screen.

The actress wrapped filming on the third season of the British-American comedy hybrid “Catastrophe” last December and boarded a flight from London to L.A. Tragically, she suffered a heart attack in the air. She died four days later in a hospital in Los Angeles at the age of 60.

In a sneak peak of the show, which returns for its third season on Amazon today, Fisher plays co-writer/star Rob Delaney’s provocative, eBay-loving mother. And according to the “Catastrophe” team’s other half, star and co-writer Sharon Horgan, Fisher ad-libbed some of her best lines.

“She and I are sitting together in the living room, and she starts talking about a TV show that she’s watching called ‘My Children Are Schizophrenic,’ and that whole little ramble about the show was off the top of her head,” says Horgan. “And every time she did it, we’d call cut and the whole place would crack up laughing.”

Delaney added: “Carrie was the only cast member Sharon and I would let improvise. (I say ‘let’; as if we could stop her. She LET us put her in our show.)”

Horgan says Fisher’s role is “bigger” and “chunkier” in this season, words Fisher would surely have relished. The trailer for the new season shows Sharon and Rob patching up the trust in their marriage with Sharon offering to sleep on the sofa, or, “on the same bed, but head-to-toe.” Their marriage, family, and life in London will have to continue without Fisher.

“Now it’s about honoring her character in the next season,” says Horgan. “Trying to find a way to deal with it without being morbid and sad. It’s going to be hard to do it justice, but we’re going to try to do it in a way that feels right.”

Watch Fisher shine here:

And catch the full “Catastrophe” Season 3 trailer:

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WATCH: Carrie Fisher Shines In The Last Role She Ever Filmed

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