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Pamela Anderson And Shmuley Boteach Wrote A Sex Tip Book — And It’s 100% Kosher

“Baywatch” star and “Playboy” model Pamela Anderson and Orthodox Rabbi Shmuly Boteach have written a book about how to have better sex. “Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship,” is out next week.

Theirs is a (professional) love to last a lifetime. Her: the most commonly featured cover model in Playboy history. Him: someone who has dubbed himself, “America’s Rabbi.” Their meet-cute: Through billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. He’s written 30 books and lost an election by 48%. She married Tommy Lee after knowing him for four days. Their first “date”: Co-writing an opinion piece for the Washington Post about the danger of porn. It was, indeed, bashert.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to fall deeply in love, get legally married, and then have mind-blowing sex with someone, then you may just need to read the book. Anderson and Boteach’s earth-shattering theory seems to be that people’s marriages will be better if they have good sex with each other. This reasonable conclusion is one Anderson and Boteach back up with stories of their personal and professional experiences and Anaïs Nin quotes.

“I reject monogamy as deadening, and embrace it instead as the avenue by which to fully focus our sexual lust,” writes Boteach, who says that Jewish tradition fully backs up his assertions (and to some extent, it does.)

Boteach and Anderson warn against a “shallow desire for sexual conquest,” although if it’s such a bad thing he probably shouldn’t make it sound so impressive. “A happier, more fulfilling, more intimate future is ahead,” the book concludes, “and won’t we all have fun getting there together?”

Hey now.

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Pamela Anderson And Shmuley Boteach Wrote A Sex Tip Book — And It’s 100% Kosher

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