It’s Official: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Will Be Getting Axed After Just 4 Seasons

The CW, the number one network for low budget superhero shoes and teen angst, announced on May 17th that 2018-2019 would be Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s fourth and final season.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend combines sharp, deliberate writing, a stellar cast, and an unflinching portrayal of mental illness in the musical world of West Covina, California. It’s funny, original, and often cringingly uncomfortable. The main character, Rebecca Bunch, played by creator Rachel Bloom, self-sabotages at each step while refusing to solve any of her major issues.

Rachel Bloom tweeted “We pitched it as four seasons, it was always four seasons.” Given the dark, depressing note Season 3 ended on, it is comforting to know that the writers and creators have a plan in mind. Although a neatly tied up “happily every after” for the crew would feel off-brand and out-of-step with the rest of the show, the amount of care and thought put into the show should make it a season worth watching.

But we’ll always have Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s excellent music, from the extremely Jewish klezmer tunes to the catchy pop parody songs that you can’t get out of your head.

One song, the “JAP Battle” spoke to Jewish women from Westchester in a way pop culture has rarely achieved:

While “Put Yourself First” took on falsely empowering girl group songs:

But “You Stupid Bitch” took the cake, providing a real anthem for destroying your own life:

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Canceled After Just 4 Seasons

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It’s Official: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Will Be Getting Axed After Just 4 Seasons

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