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The Feminist Yiddish Podcast Host

Sandy Fox wanted to listen to a Yiddish-language podcast for people like herself.

A young, feminist Yiddish speaker with friends and colleagues spread widely across religious and political divides, this New York University graduate student followed the do-it-yourself ethos of her generation and created “Vaybertaytsh,” the world’s first feminist Yiddish podcast.

Launched in September 2016, the first 19 episodes have covered a range of hot-button issues, from the plight of African migrants in Tel Aviv, to the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Besides politics, Fox, 29, has brought to “Vaybertaytsh” interviews with fair-trade fashion designers, an ex-Hasidic trans woman, a midwife, and the daughter of East Germany’s best-known Yiddish singer.

Fox, known as Sosye in Yiddish, hopes the show will encourage other Yiddish speakers and students to use the language in diverse aspects of their lives and discuss topics that aren’t usually broached in the mameloshn, the mother tongue.

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