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My mom used to make applesauce in large batches and freeze half of it for Chanukah. Like all good Jewish mother recipes, this one is not exact – play around with it until it looks right to you.

Start with about 3 lbs of apples (my mom uses Jonathan, but feel free to experiment). Core them and cut them into eighths, but leave the skin on to give it a nice pink color. Cook them in just a tiny bit of water on the bottom…not for long, until they are soft.

When they cool a bit, puree them in batches with regular sugar and cinnamon to taste. My mom leaves them a little chunky and eliminates as much of the juice at the bottom of the pan as possible. Once its all pureed, taste for sweetness and spiciness from the cinnamon. Depending on the apples, sometimes the sauce is richer than other times.

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Leah Koenig

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Yid.Dish: Applesauce

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