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A typo transforms my cover letter
into one aimed at an editor at Birch and I find myself wondering
what kind of articles they publish there. Rebuttals of that famous Frost poem,
perhaps, from the point of view of the trees getting swung upon.
Praise-songs penned on curled bark and sent, ironed flat, via post.
Recipes for soda and syrup. I imagine their mission statement:
giving voice to the thickets of saplings rising slim and dark from snowy earth
heretofore considered silent, voiceless. This would be their dormant period,
reading season, manuscripts considered carefully before the spring rush
? that heady upswelling of sweet inspiration ? bursts forth
new pages that rattle in the wind. I could offer something for their special
Tu B?Shvat issue, a birthday song for homes and synagogues worldwide
where we?ll celebrate another ring in every trunk, joining trees in traveling
from creation to essence, appearance to ultimate reality,
holy roots to holy sky.
? Rachel Barenblat

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat is author of ?70 Faces,? a collection of Torah poems (Phoenicia Publishing, 2011). She is a contributing editor at Zeek, a Jewish journal of thought and culture.

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Rachel Barenblat

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