DER YIDDISH-VINKL December 10, 2004

In tune with the season, Der Yiddish-Vinkldevotes its column this week to the ever-uplifting subject of Hanukkah. What follows are two poems (songs) about this joyful holiday. The transliterations are by Goldie A Gold; the English versions are by Gus Tyler.

The first piece is by M. Rivesman.

Khanike, Oy, Khanike

Khanike, oy, Khanike, a yontif, a sheyner

A lustiker, a freylekher, nito nokh azoyner

Ale nakht in dredl shpiln mir

Zudik heyse latkes esn mir.


Geshvinder, tsindt kinder

Di dininke likhtilekh on

Zogt “Al ha nisim”

Loybt Got far di nisim

Un komt, lomir tantsn in kont.

Yehuda hot fartribn dem soyne, dem rotseyakh

Un hot in Beysamigdesh gezungen “Lamnatseyakh”

Di shtot Yerushalaym hot vider oyfgelebt

Un tsu a nayem lebn hot yederer geshtrebt.


Deriber, dem giber

Yehuda Makabi loybt hoykh!

Zol yeder bazunder, bazingen di vunder

Un libn dos folk zolt ir oykh.

Hanukkah, Oh, Hanukkah

Hanukkah, oh, Hanukkah, a holiday, a beauty

A lusty one, a happy one, to love it is our duty

Through all the night, the dreidel we do spin

While eating red-hot latkes through the din.


Faster, faster, children

See the lengthy candles, turn them on

Unto the marvels we did see now sing

Praise God for all the marvels He brought on

Now join hands in a circle, and let’s swing.

Judah drove the enemy away, that beast

And in the temple said it was a “feast”

Jerusalem came once again to life

And everyone felt part of the great strife.


That is the reason that Judah the great

Is one on the top, we now have to state

Let each of us join to give thanks for his deeds

And also remember the people he leads.

* * *|

Here is the second song, with the

words written by Morris Rosenfeld.

O, Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh

O, ir kleyne likhtelekh

Ir dertseylt geshikhtelekh

Mayselekh on a tsol

Ir dertseylt fun blutikayt

Beryeshaft un mutikayt

Vunder fun amol.

Ven ikh ze aykh finklendik

Kumt a kholem finklendik

Redt an alter troym

Yid, du host gekrigt amol

Yid du host gezigt amol,

Akh, dos gloybt zikh koym.

Oh, You Little Candle Lights

Oh, you little candle lights

The stories you can tell

On stories telling all the sights

Forever you could dwell

You could tell of bloody deeds

Of women’s courage in times of pain

Of how they met all earthly needs

And how they kept men sane.

When I see candles twinkle bright

There comes a vision in my sight

Recalling days that came and went

Oh, Jews, at times you really fought

At times you won the things you sought

Has all this now just come to naught?

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DER YIDDISH-VINKL December 10, 2004

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