July 30 “Newsdesk” brief

A “Newsdesk” brief in the July 30 issue, supplied by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, contained incorrect information on the American Civil Liberties Union’s protest of the Ford Foundation’s new anti-terrorism rules. The JTA news brief said that the ACLU, despite its protests, said it would continue to accept money from the Ford Foundation and abide by its anti-terrorism rules. The news brief was based on a Chronicle of Philanthropy report that turned out to be erroneous. In its August 5 issue, The Chronicle of Philanthropy ran a correction clarifying that the ACLU voted July 9 to postpone accepting a $1 million grant from the Ford Foundation pending further discussion with Ford officials about the anti-terrorism language in its agreements. Nevertheless, in April the ACLU did accept a $136,000 grant from Ford that included the anti-terrorism language.

Rep. Darrell Issa’s name was spelled incorrectly in the August 6 article “Arab Americans Mull Presidential Race.”

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July 30 “Newsdesk” brief

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