DER YIDDISH-VINKL February 13, 2004

“Viagra” and “Niagara” sound very much alike. But, we are poetically assured by our ever-clever contributor Stanley Siegelman that they are not the same. He does so in his uproarious rollicking rhymes.

Viagra Iz Nit Keyn Vaserfal

Viagra iz a voyle zakh

(A bisl shlingt men, nit kin sakh)

Es helft a man tsu zayn a man,

Farshteyst? Dos iz a guter plan.

Di vayber ogeyen aroys funem zin,

Zey kveln fun der meditsin.

Zey shrayen oys “S’iz gut! S’iz cool!”

Un “lomir geyn nokh amul.”

A man, er fun Viagra trakht,

Er denkt derfun bay tog un nakht:

“A far-ge-nign! Mit a moyd,

Ikh bin yetst Jung ‘n un-a-Freud!”

Er geyt shnel vi an oygnblik,

Montik, Mitvokh, Donershtik:

“A keynig bin ikh yetst, a Kaiser,

Gebensht zol zayn in gantsn Pfizer!”

Viagra Is Not a Waterfall

Viagra is a shooting star

Direction: perpendicular!

It helps a man to be a man

And even stretches his — lifespan!

The women find excitement too

In what the tiny pill can do.

“Encore!” they’re saying to the men,

“It’s time to satisfy the yen!”

A man who on Viagra dwells

Both night and day, he ups and yells,

“When with a damsel I’m employed,

I feel quite Jung and un-a-Freud!”

All primed to go, he gives a wink:

“No more do I require a shrink!

A King am I, a reigning Kaiser,

All thanks to that blue pill by Pfizer!”

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DER YIDDISH-VINKL February 13, 2004

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