Take Off Those Granny Glasses, Zayde Shades Are Here!

Some zaydes are tall, and some are short. Some are fat and some are thin. But they all seem to have this in common: They wear absolutely enormous eyewear. We don’t know why everyone’s grandpa favors saucer-sized sunglasses; we just know that it’s true. Fortunately, this summer, the look is in fashion. Borrow Zayde’s super-sized style with these big beautiful glasses, updated with rhinestone Stars of David.

Zayde Shades

2 silver confetti Stars of David

Good craft glue

12 5ss (small) flatback rhinestones

20 16ss (extra small) flatback rhinestones

Oversized sunglasses (raid Zayde’s supply or hit the thrift store)

1. First, you’ll make your confetti Stars of David sparkle by gluing 5ss rhinestones to each point. Allow glue to set.
2. Glue stars to sunglasses wherever you want them. Allow glue to set.
3. Add a touch of Elvis by gluing 16ss rhinestones all around the frame. Allow glue to set.
4. That’s it! Now don your Zayde Shades and complain about your sciatica in style.
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Take Off Those Granny Glasses, Zayde Shades Are Here!

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