Barry Joseph

Digital Learners Can’t Do It On Own

FALL EDUCATION Digital media helps children pursue their own learning. Now is the time for adults to claim our unique role in the the digital age, writes Barry Joseph.

The Great Egg Cream Debate

There’s something about an egg cream that can bring out the debate in some people.

Mixing Up The Spritz

Like Chinese food and pickles, seltzer –– an effervescent spirit that has inspired dreams of cures for such diverse ailments as scurvy and indigestion –– is often associated with Jews. An ad for an at-home seltzer maker touts its product as part of the history of Jewish ingenuity: “Matzo, circa 1440 B.C. — Chicken Soup, circa 1280 A.D.

At Play With Maurice and Tony

The phone rings in Maurice Sendak’s rural Connecticut home. “Listen to this,” says his friend Tony Kushner in a perfectly deadpan voice. “J.K. Rowling Admits the Right is Right. She says she is happy because ‘Harry is teaching children to leave Christianity and worship Satan’s sexual member.’” After a pause, the credulous

The Middle East Matrix, Reloaded

Last month saw the release of two highly anticipated, albeit quite different, sequels: the “Matrix Reloaded,” the Wachowski brothers’ follow-up to their first “Matrix” film, and the American-sponsored “road map,” the latest installment in an ongoing series of Israeli-Palestinian peace plans.A mere coincidence, no doubt. But there are