Brett Lieberman

The Race Is on for Hot Job as Obama’s Liaison to Nation’s Jews

Speculation about the members of President-elect Barack Obama’s Cabinet and other senior staff has drawn headlines — but there’s also no shortage of interest in who will be the next presidential representative to the American Jewish community, or in how much influence that person will have in a White House chock-full of well-known Jews.

FRESHMEN: The new members of the House of Representatives, including three new Jewish members, struck a pose during orientation.

New Congress Has Record Number of Jews

When the new Congress debuts in January 2009, a record 45 Jews will take the oath of office: 32 in the House of Representatives and — regardless of the outcome in the still-contested Minnesota election — 13 Jews in the Senate.

Dems Allow Lieberman To Retain Key Posts

Joe Lieberman came out of his day of reckoning quite well. “This is the beginning of a new chapter,” the Connecticut senator said after a private Democratic caucus meeting held November 18 in the historic Old Senate Chamber. The meeting was held to decide what to do about the fact that Lieberman crossed his Democratic colleagues this year to work as a key supporter for the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain.

LIEBERMAN: The Connecticut senator is facing a backlash due to his support for the candidacy of John McCain.

Two Jewish McCain Backers, Two Fates

At a time when a record number of Jews will serve in the next Congress, two of the most prominent Jewish lawmakers on Capitol Hill find their careers and influence heading in opposite directions.

POLLING PLACE: At the Workmen?s Circle building in Los Angeles the lines to vote were long.

Strong Outreach Contributed to Obama’s Surge Among Jews

The Jewish support for Barack Obama’s historic election showed that despite lengthy and expensive efforts by Republicans, Jews remained a solid Democratic constituency, willing to vote in record numbers for a candidate who had to earn their backing.