Daniel Septimus

The Real Peoplehood Problem

Proponents portray a ‘peoplehood’ agenda as a solution to all the American Jewish community’s woes. Daniel Septimus argues they are taking a simplistic shortcut.

Found in Translation

Nestled between Arab East Jerusalem, the ultra-Orthodox mecca of Meah Shearim, and the cafés and pubs of Zion Square is the neighborhood of Musrara. Fittingly, this crossroads is home to Ibis Editions, a small book press specializing in literature of the Levant, works that blur the boundaries between time, place and language.Ibis is the

How Personal Is It

Walter Abish’s latest book is subtitled “A Self-Portrait,” and though this description suits it better than the usual “A Memoir,” “Self-Portraits” might have been even more accurate.