Debra Nussbaum Cohen (Haaretz)

Willie Rapfogel Scandal Prompts Few Signs of Change at Jewish Groups

The stunning array of charges against William Rapfogel should prompt Jewish organizations to engage in soul-searching. But it hasn’t

Mah Jongg Revival Takes Hold Among Jews

When Elissa Meth Kestin’s grandmother had to move away from the community she had lived in for decades, leaving behind close friends and her longstanding game of Mahjong, the younger woman decided to learn to play the game properly, so she could play with her grandmother to cheer her up.

Ellen Lippmann

Reform College, Bowing to Pressure, Will Rethink Rabbi Intermarriage Policy

After discussing it with “the cabinet” of advisors to HUC president Rabbi David Ellenson, Marmur decided to initiate a faculty-wide discussion across HUC’s campuses in New York, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Jerusalem.

Rabbi Michael Broyde's Disturbing Fall in 'Sockpuppet' Scandal

Rabbi Michael Broyde was a star of mainstream Orthodoxy.

Michael Broyde, Top Modern Orthodox Rabbi, Downplays Fake Name Scandal

Michael Broyde, the top Modern Orthodox rabbi accused of setting up a fake persona to undermine a rival organization, downplayed the importance of the scandal in a new interview.