Dina Weinstein

Fight in Sun: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy confront mayor of St. Augustine, Fla., during 1964 civil rights protests.

Rabbis Return to Florida Civil Rights Battleground as Heroes

When Rabbi Richard Levy came to St. Augustine, Fla., 50 years ago, he endured taunts from segregationists armed with broken bottles and bricks. He returned as a hero.

Campus Revolutionaries: Melvin Meyer (far right) edited the University of Alabama?s Crimson White with Robbie Roberts (middle) and Harve Mossawir.

50 Years of Integration Began With Jewish Student's Editorial

EDUCATION: A straight-A student risked the wrath of classmates with an editorial at the University of Alabama calling for integration. His words resonate 50 years later.