Ellen Lippmann

Should Rabbis Marry Outside the Faith?

A rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College set off a debate when he questioned the school’s policy on intermarriage. The debate illuminated the Reform movement’s tricky balance.

Ellen Lippmann

Echoes of Justice in Corners of American Life

The Supreme Court’s decisions on gay marriage change things big and small in America. Let’s hope the most profound impacts come to smalltown hospital waiting rooms and funeral homes.

Reform Rabbi Urges Hebrew Union College To Reconsider Decision on Intermarriage

In a very personal and open letter, Rabbi Ellen Lippmann urges Hebrew Union College to reconsider its decision to deny entry to students who are romantically involved with non-Jews.

A Wide Tent on Israel, of Respectful Tension

It’s important to have a very open tent when it comes to Israel. At one synagogue, the result is often not unity but a generally respectful tension and disagreement.