Eric Alterman

Hysterical 'Anti-Semitic' Claim Backfires

Eric Alterman blasts back at Josh Block, a self-appointed guardian of pro-Israel policy. Alterman says there’s nothing ‘anti-Semitic’ about taking on Israel’s right-wing.

Israel Turning Into Theocracy

A final split is coming between Israel and world Jewry. The reason is that Israel is slowly but surely turning into a conservative theocracy, writes Eric Alterman.

Pernicious Attempt To Brand Protest as Anti-Semitic

Neo-conservatives want to score cheap political points by claiming Occupy Wall Street is riddled with anti-Semitism. Eric Alterman warns: Don’t believe the hype.

To Test Beliefs, Listen to the Other Guy's

Eric Alterman is no Republican. But The Nation scribe was aghast to see his eighth-grade daughter’s reading list included only leftists like Michael Moore and Angela Davis.

Blogger Jennifer Rubin Keeps Washington Post Job After Norway Gaffe

Right-wing blogger Jennifer Rubin initially blamed Islamic ‘jihadists’ for the Norway massacre. Eric Alterman asks why the Washington Post gives her a platform for bigotry.

Eric Alterman: Yale Acted Correctly in Axing Anti-Semitism Initiative

Critics blasted Yale for reshaping its anti-Semitism initiative. The university did the right thing by guarding the line between criticism of Israel and criticism of Jews.

Will the One-State Solution Become the Only Solution?

With Palestinian officials willing to compromise on key issues, Eric Alterman argues that Israel’s leaders are digging in their heels — and risking ruin in the process.

The Republicans Heart Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s recent U.S. trip was a “deal between right-wingers in both countries to advance their own short-term political goals,” Eric Alterman writes.

Fleshler: His hopes may be ignored.

Ole Man Lobby Jus’ Keeps on Rollin’

Every few years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee goes too far — at least according to its critics. It bullies the wrong congressman. It steps on the toes of the wrong undersecretary. It slanders the reputation of the wrong Jewish peacenik or respected academic. And yet, like the River Jordan, it is still a-rollin’, mightier than ever, flooding Congress with legislation that rewards Israel, punishes Palestinians and generally makes life difficult for anyone who dares to differ. It wins, but it wins ugly, and the people getting rolled predict that next time, it will be different.

From Seeing Red to Writing Blind

Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey By David Horowitz, edited with an introduction by Jamie Glazov Spence Publishing Company, 497 pages, $29.95. * * *|Be advised, dear reader, this is no ordinary book review. How could it be? On p.xxxiv of the book’s introduction, entitled “The Life and Work of David Horowitz,” you can read