Ethan Pack

?Tallit Steps? by Bill Aron and Victor Raphael
?Inherit the Rainbow? by Victor Schneider. Courtesy L.A. Goal/Victor Schneider, photograph by Ethan Pack.
A new cultural center in the West Bank settlement of Ariel has drawn the ire of Israel?s theater community.
A Place To Meet: Many migrant workers from the Philippines gather at the Tia Maria restaurant at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

In the Tel Aviv Bus Station, Underground Economy Flourishes, Legal and Not

The restaurant and dance club Selam has all the hallmarks of an inspiring Israeli success story. Selam is owned and operated by Yaacov, an Eritrean refugee who trekked across the Sinai desert and risked his life to reach the Jewish state. Now in the country three years, Yaacov — who would give only his first name because of his unclear legal status — prefers to speak English, but emphasizes his hope to stay in Israel “Be-ezrat Hashem,” with God’s help.

Articulate: Benayoun was calm and articulate in an interview with the Forward.

Songs of Love And Hate

Largely unknown abroad, Amir Benayoun is one of the most talented musicians in Israel. Composing and performing a complex blend of traditional North African, classical Western and Israeli rock music, the 35-year-old Benayoun has earned the acclaim of critics and the adoration of fans across musical and social divides. His voice, at once powerful and undulating, rapturous and guttural, refines an aesthetic elegance out of the popular Mizrahi genre.