Eve Grubin

?Eve Tempted by the Serpent? by William Blake.
?Satan Exulting over Eve,? William Blake, 1795.
Good Book: November reconciles poetry and belief.

Hope in November

Gerard Manley Hopkins stopped writing poetry because he worried that its rhythms were too sensual for a Jesuit priest. Fortunately, Hopkins’s religious superior encouraged him to write, and we now have the musical, muscular Hopkins poems that explode with awe for the natural world and articulate an ardent gratitude toward the divine. Hopkins turned his religious concern about poetry on its head: He served God by writing poetry.

A Torah Scholar With a Rock-Star Following

For most scholars, Midrash is an analysis of or commentary on the text of the Bible. But to Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, the literary and Torah scholar with an enormous following on several continents, Midrash is “the repressed unconscious of the Torah.”The difference speaks volumes. Specifically, Zornberg sees Midrash as coming out of what the