Gili Cohen/Haaretz

Reckless Driving: IDF Spokesperson released a picture of the bulldozer used in the attack on the A-Ram army base.

Palestinan Smashes Through Army Base With Bulldozer, Killed By IDF

A Palestinian was killed by the Israel Defense Forces Thursday evening after smashing through the perimeter fence of the A-Ram army base driving a bulldozer.

Israel Defends Detention of 5-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

The Israel Defense Forces’ detention of a five-year-old Palestinian boy in Hebron earlier this month was a legitimate step in order to “thwart the threat posed by the activities of a minor,” the IDF’s legal adviser in the West Bank has ruled.

After Half-Naked Pic Scandal, Israel Army Pushes New Facebook Rules

The Israel Defense Forces is drafting an official directive defining accepted practices for its members on social networks

Most Victims of Israel Strikes on Gaza Were Palestinian Civilians, Children

More than half those killed killed during Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip last November were innocent civilians and a third were children, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said in a report released this week.

Top Gun: Chuck Hagel announced a massive new arms sale to Israel, designed to maintain the nation?s air superiority over its neighbors.

Giant Arms Sale Will Ensure Israel Rules Air

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday met Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and finalized the sale of an undisclosed number of Bell Boeing V-22 transport helicopters and other U.S. military equipment including Boeing KC-135 inflight refueling planes, advanced radar systems for fighter planes and anti-radiation missiles at a reported cost of $10 billion dollars.

Contradictory Message: Some illegal West Bank outposts have been flouting Israeli court rulings for years. Yet the IDF still guards them.

25 Illegal Jewish Settlements in Occupied West Bank Get Israel Army Protection

One quarter of all illegal West Bank outposts are regularly guarded by Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

UN Slams Israel for Lack for Gender Equity

There is no meaningful equality in Israel between men and women when it comes to matters relating to marriage and family relationships, according to a new UN report.

Secular Israelis Form Group To Stave Off Orthodox 'Invasion'

A notice on the bulletin board in the old commercial center of Ramat Aviv suggests holding a Passover seder in the local Chabad center. Another recommends an “unprecedented” overall ritual Passover cleansing, including the bathroom, kitchen utensils and electric appliances.