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A Boone for Israel

West Bank settler journalist David Bedein was in Washington last week for a major gathering of pro-Israel evangelical Christians.During the event, sponsored by Christians United for Israel, he bumped into 1950s crooner Pat Boone. Bedein proudly recalled how his seventh grade class at Akiba Hebrew Academy, a Philadelphia-area Jewish day school, had

Putting the ‘Force’ in IDF

Wikipedia, the interactive online encyclopedia, continues to astound. Not only did the site recently log its one millionth entry — the Encyclopedia Brittanica, by contrast, has about an eighth that number — but it has also proved remarkably responsive to current events. According to an article in this week’s New


Rabbi Said To Drop FightAn Orthodox rabbi has dropped his legal fight to identify anonymous bloggers who wrote on their Web sites about his alleged sexual harassment of female congregants.Rabbi Mordecai Tendler, who was accused by at least nine women from his former congregation in New Hempstead, N.Y., of sexually propositioning them when they

Ramblings of a Faded Screen Idol

At a July 12 party sponsored by the Hallmark Channel, Daniel Fienberg, a writer for the entertainment Web site, bumped into 1980s screen star Steve Guttenberg (“Diner,” “Police Academy,” “Short Circuit”). Asked what he has been up to, the actor could scarcely contain his enthusiasm: “I’m doing something, it’s

July 21


This week the Forward gave away a brand-new copy of Alexander Harkavy’s English-Yiddish dictionary as a prize in the newspaper’s “Best Joke” contest. Originally the editors wanted to pick one joke as the winner, but the paper’s joke committee couldn’t decide, so they chose a final

Shoah Musical Remembers What Town Forgets

Last week, in the small German city of Neumarkt, the curtain went up on an improbable musical about the life and death of a young Jewish woman who was deported and killed by the Nazis.The production was unlikely in part because of the Broadway format chosen for a Holocaust tale. But more than this, the production was unusual because the town


Joan Braman graces the Yiddish Vinkl with another of her translations of an English classic into Yiddish. This week, she has chosen a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Nature As a fond mother, when the day is o’erLeads by the hand her little child to bed,Half willing, half reluctant to be led,And leave his broken playthings

Stems of Life

Congress showed courage and independence in passing legislation that would have significantly eased conditions for federal funding of stem-cell research. Sadly, President Bush yielded to his own worst instincts, both political and moralistic, in choosing to veto the bill. It was the first veto of his presidency, allowing him to

July 21, 2006

Hospitality Watchdog Is A Labor Union Spin-offIn a July 7 opinion article, Jerome Epstein, Carl Sheingold and David Saperstein write that the Informed Meetings Exchange, or Inmex, is an “independent organization that provides objective information on working conditions within the hospitality industry” (“Check Out Working Conditions


National Vouchers PushedRepublicans in Congress proposed a national school-voucher program. The $100 million program proposed Tuesday would pay for low-income students in weak public schools to attend private or religious schools.The money would go for tuition and for private tutoring. Politically conservative and Orthodox Jews support vouchers,