Haaretz/Chaim Levinson

Construction in the settlement of Yakir after the freeze?s end in September 2010.

Netanyahu Aide Pushing Plan To Avert Diplomatic Pressure on Settlements

Gabi Kadosh, the prime minister’s adviser on settlement issues, is advancing a plan to exempt officially urban settlements from being obliged to publicize tenders for marketing lands. The goal is to reduce the diplomatic pressures that results from publicizing such tenders.

Occupied: Netanyahu ordered that a contested home (pictured here) in Hebron be occupied by settlers after the nearby shooting of an Israeli.

Netanyahu Pledges To 'Strengthen Settlement' in West Bank

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Civil Administration on Sunday night to take the necessary action to allow Jewish settlers back into a contested house in the West Bank city of Hebron.

A date palm orchard in the Jordan Valley. Palestinian farmers are not allowed onto their lands between the border fence and the Jordan River.

WZO Allocates 1000 Acres of Palestinian Land to Settlers in Jordan Valley

An internal Civil Administration document confirms a Haaretz report that the World Zionist Organization has allocated to settlers in the Jordan Valley more than 5,000 dunams (1,235 acres) of private Palestinian land located east of the border fence, namely, between that fence and the actual border with the Kingdom of Jordan.

West Bank outpost of Negohot.

WZO Spends 110K on Illegal Settlement Without Building Permit

The World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division has financed NIS 400,000 worth of infrastructure work in the West Bank outpost of Negohot, even though the work was carried out without building permits.

Israeli Army Apologizes for Book Saying Non-Jews Aren't Equal to Jews

The Israel Defense Forces has apologized for publishing a book of religious regulations that states non-Jews do not have equal rights in Israel.