Hillel Broder

The Sway Machinery's Expanding Cantorial Epic

The Sway Machinery promises that its 3rd LP, ‘Purity and Danger,’ is its ‘most chiseled enunciation of its foundational concept’ yet — and it delivers on this promise.

Cantorial Blues: The Age of Myth Returns

Jeremiah Lockwood is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and visionary. He has appeared with J-Dub artists Balkan Beat Box and released a blues-oriented solo album “American Primitive” (Vee-Ron Records), in 2006. Lockwood’s most recent project, The Sway Machinery sees its first album, “Hidden Melodies Revealed” (J-Dub Records) debut April 7. The Sway Machinery’s impressive fusion of genres — bringing together traditional blues and traditional hazanut — highlights Lockwood’s broad musical mastery.

Stand Up and Shuckl: Let this fab five-piece fire up your divine dance engine.

The Primal Sublime

The very name of The Sway Machinery, a Brooklyn-based cantorial-infused supergroup, brings to mind the conjunction of the natural and the created, the human and the machine, and the group’s music rejoices in that paradox.