John Felstiner

The Peculiarly Jewish Predicament

Little Men: Novellas and Stories By Gerald Shapiro Columbus Ohio State University Press, 219 pages, $29.95. * * *|‘Just tell me — is it good for the Jews?” The precariousness of Diaspora existence got turned against Philip Roth when “Goodbye Columbus and Other Stories” (1958) seemed to betray nasty Jewish foibles to America’s

Tracing an Arc From Whitman to Glatshteyn

I Think of Our Lives: New and Selected Poems By Richard Fein Creative Arts Book Company, 115 pages, $13.95.

I think of our lives — Walt — and they work something like this — 
    At Castle Garden — where you heard Jenny Lind sing —
    and where my grandparents came through as immigrants…

Richard Fein’s lively,