Jonathan Rosenbaum

Look Who?s Talking: ?The Jazz Singer? marks the beginning of talking pictures and of Eric A. Goldman?s study of Jewish American cinema. This image was taken on the set of the first version of that film in 1927.

Retelling Jewish American Story Through History of Cinema

Is there such a thing as the American Jewish story? One way to answer the question is though the lens of 12 Hollywood films, including every version of ‘The Jazz Singer.’

Camera Obscura: The common thread of all of Michael Roemer?s scripts is a quintessential American theme ? family dysfunction.

The Best Jewish Director You've Never Heard Of

Chances are you’ve never heard of director Michael Roemer. Maybe this is because he’s always been more interested in the minute details of life than the fame of movies.

Lincoln in Black and White: Steven Spielberg fails to strip away the myths surrounding Abraham Lincoln.

Spielberg's Portrait of Lincoln Is A Bust

As the director of ‘The Color Purple,’ ‘Schindler’s List’ and now ‘Lincoln,’ Steven Spielberg may be a great storyteller. But he should leave history to the professionals.

Dr. Lang, Der Filmregisseur: Fritz Lang?s mom was a Jew, but he was raised Catholic.

The Jews of Hollywood

A new, lively book takes a broad view of the history of Jews in Hollywood and offers surprising insights into the Jewish experience in American cinema.