Judy Maltz (Haaretz)

Ending An Ancient Jewish 'Spitting' Rite In Israel

A religious advocacy group in Israel is urging the Chief Rabbinate to regulate an obscure Jewish “spitting” rite.

The Lesbian Rabbi Battling Israeli Racism

Noa Sattath, the director of the Reform movement’s local advocacy arm, plans to arm herself with Jewish texts to promote a shared society.

Is Sara Netanyahu Our Mary Todd Lincoln?

Sara Netanyahu is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. It’s easy to toss darts over ‘Bottlegate,’ but a historian says she’s no different from revered first ladies like Mary Todd Lincoln.

Women of Wall Rebels Refuse To Back Down on Western Wall Prayer

A group of Women of the Wall activists who reject the idea of moving the group’s monthly prayer service to a new egalitarian space on Wednesday notified Religious Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett that they are determined to continue praying, as they have for the past 25 years, at the women’s section of the Western Wall.

Softening View: Two-thirds of Israelis polled say a Jewish majority within the boundaries of Israel is more important than keeping control of the occupied West Bank.

Israelis Value Jewish Majority More Than Keeping West Bank, Poll Says

Almost two-thirds of Israeli Jews believe it is more important for their country to maintain a Jewish majority than to maintain sovereignty over the West Bank.

Conservative Wine Not Kosher Enough for Rabbis

The Chief Rabbinate has issued a warning that wine produced by the first Israeli winery to be supervised by the Masorti Movement, as the Conservative Movement is called in Israel, is not kosher.

127 Rabbis Will Discuss Women's Prayer at Western Wall for High Holidays

The struggle for women to pray as they see fit at the Western Wall will be the focus of High Holy Day sermons at congregations across the United States, as part of an organized campaign to galvanize support for greater religious tolerance in Israel.

Rabbi Eliezer Silver Trove Goes on Auction Block

A huge collection of letters, manuscripts, religious artifacts and photographs belonging to one of the leading rabbinical authorities of 20th-century America will be put up for public sale on Wednesday in Jerusalem.

Women of Wall Plan Selichot High Holy Days Services at Kotel

The women’s prayer group has announced that it will hold a special Selichot service at the Western Wall on Sept. 1. Selichot are the penitential prayers and liturgy recited each night starting in the Jewish month of Elul and up until the High Holy Days.

Birthright Trips to Israel Could Double Under Plan

A new government initiative could effectively double the number of Taglit-Birthright participants traveling to Israel within a few years.