Larry Tye

It?s a Bird, It?s a Plane, and It?s Also Super Jewish: The three legs of the Superman myth ? truth, justice and the American way ? come straight out of the Mishnah

10 Reasons Superman Is Really Jewish

The new Superman film is out and the superhero is celebrating his 75th birthday. Here’s 10 reasons to believe the Man of Steel might actually be Jewish.

Following in the Footsteps of Spain’s Expelled Sephardim

Most American Jews who travel make at least a token attempt to visit a synagogue or otherwise to taste the Jewish flavor of whatever land they are in. But few have the time, instinct or know how to faithfully follow in the footsteps of their forbears, especially when those trails lead across a continent. Fewer still pay heed to Judaism’s Sephardic as opposed to its Ashkenazi roots.