Matthew E. Berger

Senate Lion: A primary will be held for a successor to the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

In Kennedy Race, Jewish Vote Divided

Massachusetts has the highest percentage of Jews outside the tristate New York area, and its Jewish community is known as one of the most politically active in the country. So, as the state’s Democrats get ready to select their replacement for the late Senator Edward Kennedy, why is the Jewish voice barely heard?

President? Ousted and exiled President Manuel Zelaya recently snuck back into Honduras in a bid to regain his office. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs sides with his successor.

Jewish Groups Take Sides in Honduran Strife

The recent return of Honduras’s ousted and expelled president to his country is not an issue in which the Jewish stakes are clear or obvious. But Jewish groups are nonetheless taking sides over the turmoil roiling the Central American country and over the Obama administration’s stand on developments there.

Pelosi’s Price is Right for Jewish Community

The front of the room is where the action is: Democratic lawmakers are spouting their pro-Israel credentials and their initiatives for health care reform; the Jewish donors, who came to Washington for intimate meetings just like this one, are eating it up word for word.

Groups Fear New Security Funding Process

Changes in how homeland security dollars are distributed to not-for-profit organizations are likely to put Jewish federations in direct competition with one another for a small pot of funds.

Federations Secure Funding Pledge for Senior Programs

The Jewish community has scored a legislative victory in its effort to develop programs that allow the elderly to live at home while receiving vital services.

Democratic Titans in Maryland Enter Primary Homestretch

An influential Jewish lawmaker appears to have the upper hand in Maryland’s Democratic senatorial primary, but liberal observers worry that he could lose African American voters when he runs up against a well-known black Republican in the general election.