Meyrav Wurmser

Getting Recognized: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas participated in a ceremony laying a cornerstone for a new embassy in Brazil?s capital on December 31, 2010. Brazil has recognized a Palestinian state.

Stand Firm Against Unilateral Statehood Push

A Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood, which could occur as soon as September, is rapidly becoming a source of profound Israeli anxiety. Israel clearly fears a situation in which, following a United Nations General Assembly resolution recognizing a Palestinian state, it would find itself accused daily of violating the rights of a fellow U.N. member every time it acts in self-defense. If that happens, Israel could face severe diplomatic and legal consequences, and be tarred as an international pariah.

McCain Would Restore America’s Standing

This year’s presidential campaign season has highlighted two very different approaches to issues such as Iran, Iraq, the peace process and our ongoing war on terror. Underlying the candidates’ Middle East policy differences are two divergent views regarding the sources of the regional rage aimed at America and, indeed, the entire West.