Yid.Dish: Seitan Feijoada (yup, it’s Kosher and Vegan)

My boyfriend is Brazilian. To look at him you’d probably think he was Middle Eastern, with his dark complexion. He speaks with an American accent that is very South Florida, but none-the-less he was born in Brazil.

Yid.Dish: Miss Conni’s Cold Pear Soup

The soup was served by the cast members and the rest of the evening essentially continued as such.

Yid.Dish: Friends (Chevre) Cheesecake

There is a cheesecake sitting in my (boyfriend’s) refrigerator right now. At some point late last week I got it in my head that with Shavuot just around the corner I should make a cheesecake.

Yid.Dish: Eli and Blair’s Dill Pickles

Pickling is really about preserving – extending the harvest and gaining additional nutritional value of eating fermented food (lactobacillus is good for you).

Yid.Dish: Autumn Cholent (Choose Your Adventure)

The holidays have been a lot of fun coming together, making new friends, eating, not eating, eating in a temporary shelter and somewhere in all the midst of that, one really terrific brunch after my sister’s wedding.