Michael A. Helfand

Be Careful What You Wish For in Indiana

Liberals slammed Indiana’s religious freedom law as backdoor bigotry. But Michael A. Helfand explains why its benefits far outweigh the risks.

Inclusive or Exclusive?: Does an eruv allow people to take part in civic life or does it intrude on it?

The Eruv Dividing Church and State in the Hamptons

A court has ruled on the eruv that has divided the Hamptons. Michael A. Helfand says the decision has implications that extend far beyond the playground of the rich and famous.

Life Decision: Pro-life protesters stand with red tape over their mouths in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in anticipation of the Hobby Lobby decision.

The Murkiness of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

With all the uproar around the Hobby Lobby decision, it would be easy to miss how limited the decision actually is, writes Michael A. Helfand.

Prayer: What is appropriate when it comes to faith in the public square?

America Doesn’t See Its Religious Minorities

The recent Supreme Court decision on public prayer pointed to the invisibility of religious minorities, writes Michael Helfand. Why else couldn’t the town be bothered to include them?

There Is Another Way To Get a 'Get'

Some communities have resorted to torturing men who refuse to grant their wives a Jewish divorce or a ‘get.’ Michael A. Helfand proposes another way.

Hebrew National Must Answer to Lower Authority

Questions like whether Hebrew National’s hot dogs are really kosher are usually best kept out of court. But in the end, a lower authority may have to pass judgment.