Miri Levitas

YID.DISH: Homemade Pizza

The most fun thing about making your own pizza is that you can put anything you want on it (and it can be as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like)!

Yid.Dish: Israeli Cous Cous with Summer Squash Ragout

Like many other people, this summer has been full of summer squash! It almost seems to be falling from the sky.

Corn and Zucchini Risotto for Summer

I know we are in the season of fasts for many Jews but here is a simple (yet a bit time consuming) recipe that tastes great!

Yid. Dish: Onion and Gruyere Tart

I’ve always been a huge fan of onions – red, white, yellow, green – I don’t discriminate. I like them raw and cooked, on bagels with cream cheese, on pizza, in salad, etc.

Yid.Dish: Blondies

I’m in the minority as far as Jews go in that I’m blonde. There are increasing number of blonde Jews but we’re still few and far between.

Yid.Dish: Marinated Beets

Speaking of the farmer’s market, I stopped by on a Tuesday at during my lunch and saw some gorgeous beets. They were each about the size of a softball!

Yid.Dish: Asparagus Risotto

Now that Pesach has come and gone and we are back into the swing of eating leavened things again I though I would share a great spring recipe with you.

Yid.Dish: Matzoh Crunch

This recipe is quick, easy, delicious and has brightened up my Pesach! Some complain that it’s too sweet so I tried a variation this year by sprinkling the top with some citrus vanilla fleur de sel.

Yid.Dish: Potato Hash And Baked Eggs

We are huge brunch people in our house. Yes, it is fun to go out for brunch but why go out when you can make the same thing for less than half the price, not have to wait in line and not have to change out of your jammies?

Yid.Dish: We Love Collard Greens!

Well, let me rephrase that…we’ve been forced into eating them since for past few months they’ve arrived on our doorstep every Wednesday evening.