Misha Galperin

Growing: The Prime Minister?s Initiative hopes to take the success of Birthright and vastly expand its reach and effectiveness.

A Giant Initiative To Save the Jewish People

A controversial new initiative will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on strengthening Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora. Misha Galperin explains why this is so worthy.

The Solution?: Could spending more time on service oriented projects in Israel solidify Jewish identity.

Come to Israel, Not Africa — and Stay Awhile

Birthright is too short and touristy. Jewish service trips to Africa and Latin America are too universal. Misha Galperin has an answer to both these problems.

Failure of Leadership on Child Sex Abuse

Jewish leaders cover up child sex abuse to protect the community from scrutiny. In so doing, they spread the shame and make every Jew look bad, writes Misha Galperin.

Continuing a Peoplehood Debate

I am delighted that my op-ed has spurred a conversation about an issue that is critical to modern Jewish life. What is the nature of Jewish peoplehood? If it is about connection among Jews, but has no additional substance, then we have failed our history and our values. If peoplehood is only a way to raise money, then we haven’t gone deep enough. If it is to serve “the stranger ” without caring for our own first, then we have missed the mark.

Funding Peoplehood

It’s not a sexy idea, but Jewish groups urgently need to fund a ‘peoplehood’ agenda to maintain a shared bond of identity, argues the Jewish Agency’s Misha Galperin.