Naomi Sokoloff

Fictional Story of His life: Aharon Appelfeld for real.

Jigsaw Tales of Wandering Jews

Celebrated author and Holocaust survivor Aharon Appelfeld commemorates the collective past by populating his creative work with a wide assortment of Jewish characters. In his multifaceted fictional world, Appelfeld constructs a panorama of Jewish life before, during and after the Shoah. In English, however, pieces of the picture are missing. Many of his texts have yet to be translated. Now, with the English translation of “Laish,” a novel published in Hebrew in 1994, readers who follow Appelfeld in his English translations can fill in some of the lacunae in his artistic universe.

Remembering the Woman

Small Change: A Collection of Stories By Yehudit Hendel Brandeis University Press/ University Press of New England, 142 pages, $19.95. * * *|Yehudit Hendel is being rediscovered. Hendel, born in 1926, first established herself as a major Israeli author in the 1950s, a time when very few female Hebrew prose writers gained wide