Nathan Guttman and Nathan Jeffay

Bowe Bergdahl Deal Mirrors Gilad Shalit — But America and Israel React Differently

The father of freed Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit cheers the prisoner swap that won Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom. Why is America’s reaction so different from Israel’s?

What's Israel's Plan B as Peace Talks Look Doomed?

With the Mideast peace talks near collapse, the Palestinians are ready with a diplomatic offensive. Israel’s options are much more limited, and all of them have big downsides.

Long Fight: Israel claims it is doing what?s best for Bedouin peoples of the Negev desert by resettling them in nearby towns. But the ancient people vow to keep rebuilding their makeshift settlements ? and fight for their homes.

Bedouins Fight Israel's Resettlement Plan — and Bid for American Jews' Support

Israel says the Bedouins of the Negev desert would be better off living in towns. But the ancient tribespeople are fighting back — and enlisting American Jews in their fight.

Trading Places: Benjamin Netanyahu?s own political situation may change the nature of the American president?s upcoming trip.

Tensions Threaten To Complicate Obama’s Middle East Listening Tour

A presidential trip to Israel, designed as little more than a polite visit, could prompt unexpectedly tough questions as conditions on the ground change rapidly.

Israel's Health Care Outpaces U.S.

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court has upheld President Obama’s health reform plan. Israel’s state-run system costs far less than the U.S., and produces markedly better results.