Nava Semel

From a Tel Aviv Under the Iron Dome

If only someone in Gaza were to read that poem. I have no doubt that there are people like me there, who just want to live in peace, who oppose the barrage of missiles their despotic regime launches at civilians over the border. Meanwhile, my younger son, Neemy, packs his bags. He, like many others, has been called up for reserve duty.

Still Moving: Despite a week of attacks, life in Tel Aviv went on.

Life With a Knife to the Neck

A week of attacks on Tel Aviv, Israel’s city that never sleeps, slowed the city down. But it couldn’t stop its spirit, writes Nava Semel.

Gabriel and Fanny Herzig and granddaughter Nava Semel, Israel 1960.

Gabriel and Fanny — A Jewish-Israeli Tale of Love and Hate

Grandfather left Grandmother. In those days it was considered a scandal, a secret whispered behind closed doors, unsuited, God forbid, for children’s ears. Like death, divorce was never mentioned. In those days people didn’t get divorced and didn’t die.