Nicola Behrman

‘Forgotten Bookmarks’ Between the Pages

Ever wonder what happened to your precious bookmark or a high school love letter? Bookseller Michael Popek writes about odd things people leave between the pages.

Spoof: From left to right: Lana Ettinger, Ilan Dar and Ron Shahar star in ?Israeli Intelligence,? a 40-minute Israeli comedy that has acquired a cult following.

Poking Fun, Israeli Style

When the world is going to proverbial poop, what do you do? Turn to self-parody, of course.

A Waltz With the Unredeemed Past

Like many great stories, the animated documentary “Waltz With Bashir” begins with two men in a bar. It’s a few years ago, and Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman is sitting talking to Boaz, his old pal, now a successful accountant in his 40s. Boaz tells of a recurring nightmare he’s had for 20 years. In the dream, ferocious dogs — 26, to be precise — are racing through town, destroying everything that gets in their way. Their destination? Boaz’s window.