Sam Norich

The Forward Needs Your Help

The Forward put out its best issue this week, complete with the Forward 50, election coverage and Giving section. After Sandy, we’ve been working without an office.

A Message to Forward Readers

The Forward succeeded in publishing its print newspapers this week despite being forced from our offices by Sandy’s floodwaters.

Vladimir Yedidowich: Founded the Russian-language Forward after serving as an officer in the Soviet Navy.

Velvl Yedidowich, 83, Editor of Russian Paper

When the Forward Association launched the weekly paper in 1995, it joined a crowded media market of two dozen Russian-language newspapers in the New York metro area alone and grew to be the third-largest in circulation. It was an outspoken Jewish voice in the Russian-speaking community, when only one other publication, the Lubavitch-affiliated paper, identified itself as Jews speaking to other Jews.