Samuel Norich

Samuel Norich

Samuel Norich is the publisher and chief executive officer of the Forward. He has served as executive director of the Forward Association and publisher of the Yiddish Forverts since 1997, and as publisher of the English Forward since 2000.

He was born in Germany in 1947 and immigrated to the United States in 1957. After a primary- and secondary-school education in the public schools, he attended Columbia University as an undergraduate, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a graduate student.

He served as executive director of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research from 1980-1992, and as vice president of the World Jewish Congress from 1975 to 1981. Norich is the author of “What Will Bind Us Now?: A Report on the Institutional Ties Between Israel and American Jewry” (1994).

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Approaching a New Era for the Forward

As we approach a new era in the Forward’s brand and history, here’s what it means for us.

Beyond Reproach? Julius Berman, left, and other leaders of the Claims Conference have refused to acknowledge their failures, Samuel Norich writes.

Why I Resigned From Claims Conference Board — And Why You Should Care

The Claims Conference leadership refuses to admit its failings or allow honest debate. The reputation of the organization is at stake — and its ability to aid Holocaust survivors.

A Message to Forward Readers

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the Forward’s continued enforced absence from its offices, the publisher sends a message to its readers.

The Forward Needs Your Help

The Forward put out its best issue this week, complete with the Forward 50, election coverage and Giving section. After Sandy, we’ve been working without an office.

A Message to Forward Readers

The Forward succeeded in publishing its print newspapers this week despite being forced from our offices by Sandy’s floodwaters.

Vladimir Yedidowich: Founded the Russian-language Forward after serving as an officer in the Soviet Navy.

Velvl Yedidowich, 83, Editor of Russian Paper

When the Forward Association launched the weekly paper in 1995, it joined a crowded media market of two dozen Russian-language newspapers in the New York metro area alone and grew to be the third-largest in circulation. It was an outspoken Jewish voice in the Russian-speaking community, when only one other publication, the Lubavitch-affiliated paper, identified itself as Jews speaking to other Jews.

Arthur Hertzberg: Rabbi, Activist, Communal Leader

Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, who died this week at 84, had an enormous capacity for friendship and generosity. But at the heart of everything he did was an unbending moral standard that he applied to everything and everyone he knew.The sharpness of Hertzberg’s mind was legendary among his acolytes, among whom I was honored to count myself. His acuity

Remembering Harold Ostroff, Who Saved Jewish Forward

This week, the Forward family mourns the loss of Harold Ostroff, our longtime general manager and a giant in the worlds of affordable housing and Yiddish culture. In its 109-year history, the Forward has benefited from the work of a few geniuses and many talented, smart, devoted people. Yet, even among them,