Susan J. Gordon

Now And Then: The central marketplace of Zbaraz, Ukraine, as depicted on a postcard in the early 20th century (left), and what the author found on the same spot in 2006 (right). The building with the arching casement windows was the Kehillah.

‘Here Lies Soap’

Curious about a cenotaph commemorating the Holocaust, Susan J. Gordon traveled to Ukraine in search of her family history — but the answers lay a little closer to home.

Mother and Child Reunion: Eva Eismann poses with her mother, Sarah, after the two reunited after the war.

How Hungarian Sisters Outwitted the Nazis To Create Haven for Jews

70 years after the Nazi occupation of Budapest, Susan J. Gordon retraces her family’s harrowing escape from Hungary — and the heroism of those who helped.

City on a Hill: Castelmola, a tiny municipality perched above Taormina, in Sicily, has many signs of long-forgotten Jewish life.

One Italian's Secret Jewish Heritage

Susan J. Gordon’s father-in-law converted to Judaism at the age of 60, saying he had a ‘Jewish soul.’ Strangely enough, the gut feeling may have come from his upbringing in Sicily.